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Welcome to the Greater Tampa Associates page!  We are excited to share update news and events with you about the impact the Associates have locally, regionally and nationally.  Our mission is to serve at the pleasure of the Greater Tampa Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. with institutional knowledge, advice and support where needed.  We are a fun group of associates with a mission to make a difference.  

Our priorities include engaging our legacies and graduate moms in a relevant and inspiring manner.  We raised our children into beautiful butterflies that have spread their wings and are flying in their own rite.  The road to get them there was not easy and we didn't always know the answers.  Jack and Jill of America, Inc. has recognized that our Associates can play a vital role in the further development of our organization.  One way is that we can be a resource to moms that are rearing their children and are looking for authentic women to support them through the process. From answering questions about if private school is the best option for your child to how do you handle a child that has strayed away from what you have instilled in him or her.  We embrace our mission with care, concern and love for every mom, because we know it is not easy being a parent!

Some of the activities we offer to promote teamwork, community service, support for our legacies and sister moms include:

  • Sister2Sister/Mother2Mother Social with a Real Talk Session

  • Legacy Social during holiday breaks when legacies are home visiting family

  • Hillsborough County Children Services mentoring program where we mentor young ladies in foster care

  • Holiday with a Twist for Associates to unwind, bond and celebrate life together


If you are a graduate mom of Jack and Jill of America Inc. and live in the Tampa Bay area, please consider joining our group of phenomenal Associates with a purpose.  We exercise Our Power to Make a Difference!

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